How To Get A Sugar Baby To Say Yes To Your Date Request

How To Get A Sugar Baby To Say Yes To Your Date Request

As a sugar daddy who is seeking arrangement with attractive sugar baby, do you want to know how to get a sugar baby to say yes to your date request? You've come to the right place! I have some advice for you. Anyway, learning how to get a sugar baby to agree to your date is the first step in finding the perfect sugar arrangement. Here are seven experts dating advice who can help you crush your dating goals by getting your sugar baby to say yes. Without saying more, let's begin!

Tip 1: choose the right time
If you want her to say yes to your date, pick a time that's convenient for her. My suggestion is that a Saturday morning near lunch is the best time to ask her out. Why? Because the work week is over, Saturday is the happiest day of the week and the happiest day for people. If she's not an early riser, or doesn't complete any of her morning tasks, this gives her time to sleep.

So if you're just starting out on a date, or if it's a first date, you don't want to compete with her plans for an evening out with friends. Besides, it's safer for sugar baby to go out on dates during the day, because you two can go out together. So pick a day time on Saturday to date.

Tip 2: get your date interested
Before you ask her out on a date, make sure you do some research and don't jump the gun. What are her interests? What does she like? What did she say that you think would make her happy? Also, depending on the situation, there are different ways to know what she wants to do:

You met on a sugar daddy dating site or app
If you met through a sugar daddy meet website or app, make sure you find her interests on her sugar baby profile or through your interactions with her so you can plan accordingly.

You met in the real world
Whether it's an acquaintance or a friend, when you ask someone you already know out, you should know what her interests are. You can talk more deeply, or ask a mutual friend what kind of date she usually likes. When you already know someone, the dating atmosphere can be a little different. Because you already have a basic understanding of each other.

Tip 3: make it easy and safe for her to arrive at the date and place
One surefire way to get her to agree to a date is to make it easy and safe for her to find a place. This tactic is especially useful if you're asking her out for the first time; This is especially true if it's your first date and you met on an online app/website.

Sadly, the Internet (and the world) is full of scumbags. Giving her the option of a safe place near home will reassure her, and you'll be more likely to get her to agree to a date. So I suggest a good public place. Some examples include:

  • Drink coffee or fancy tea in a chic cafe.
  • Eat in an open restaurant.
  • Bowling.

Tip 4: make the idea of dating compelling
To get her to agree to your date, you need to sell yourself like a good salesman, and you need to make sure your date pitch is right. What is the right marketing? When you ask her out, don't simply say, "do you want to go out with me?" Have a specific plan in mind that is relevant to her interests, and one that she can't seem to refuse. For example...

If she's a movie buff
Take her to a movie she really wants to see, or a nostalgic movie night at a different theater near you.

If she likes sports
Ask her out on a hike. Study a perfect route and be sure to take note of all the elements to make it a strong, scenic route. Or ride a bike. Beach volleyball; Play golf.

If she is a wine or beer lover
Visit and taste some wineries or distilleries.

If she likes art
Visit a museum.

Tip 5: approach a second date on the first date
Don't end your first sugar date with a "good night" and a kiss. No matter how spectacular your first kiss, make sure you have a second date with her while you're still on your first date.

One way to get her to agree to date you again (not just on the first date) is to go on the perfect second date with her. What is the perfect date? It includes the specific time, date and place. For example, say something like, "I'd like to take you hiking this Saturday morning around 11 a.m. Or there's a new cafe near here, and we can meet on a Saturday afternoon at this warm little cafe. Are you ready?" Specific dating ideas like these will make sugar baby think you're a careful and organized sugar daddy and your second date might come easily.

Tip 6: practice makes perfect
Practice makes perfect, and the more experience you have in asking a girl out on a date, the more likely you are to get her to say yes. So, from now on, you can date several different sugar babies at the same time to reduce anxiety and fill your social calendar. It's a great way to meet interesting people, get to know yourself, and make dating fun. Looking for a coach to help you speed up your dating? If so, then join